About Us

People often ask, "why start another roofing company?" With over three thousand roofing companies in North Texas, "why would people choose us?"

With over 29 years of combined construction experience, the Daughters Roofing, LLC team has seen a void in the roofing industry, a void that has left customers feeling hurt and guarded, a void we know we can fill. At Daughters Roofing, we strive to be an organization that puts people first, a better company in an industry riddled with a stigma of mistrust. We see the need to invest back into our employees' families and the community to change lives. Our mission is to ignite a change in the industry by working with our customers, distributors, and manufacturers. We will not mislead our customers and will not "eat your deductible" to buy your business. Instead we will be straight forward on quality and price.

We are here to serve you. We promise to be involved with the management of the crews that install your roofs, perfectly and on-time, every time. We handpick our crews and have enough manpower to ensure your deadlines and the manufacturer specifications are met, all while following the high standards we have set in place for every job.

We may not be the most inexpensive bid you will see, however, we will not cut corners. We install synthetic felt, Ice and Water in all valleys, and quality shingles on every roof. We are dedicated to providing you with an experience filled with trust and understanding. Our goal is to create a lasting partnership that shows we are the roofer to call for any job. We are here for you; give us a call today at (817) 673-0770 to learn more.

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